6 Podcast Episodes That Exceeded My Expectations!

My podcast launch has helped me grow in ways I never imagined. 

Launching My Podcast Was Empowering

My first six podcast episodes exceeded my expectations. I recently launched the “Life, Leadership & Pursuit of Happiness” podcast and have already published the first six episodes. 

The guests have been amazing, and I still have a line-up of incredibly talented leaders to follow. 

I’ve wanted to launch a podcast for many years, but I was afraid. 

I worried I didn’t know enough and no one would listen to my podcast. 

I was scared that no one would care. 

I didn’t like my recorded voice. 

So, tons of reasons kept me from launching a podcast. 

I finally found the nerve to announce the podcast and start recording episodes, so I’m glad I did. Taking the leap and jumping into it has helped me overcome perfectionism and procrastination. It helped me find the confidence to trust myself and value my strengths and abilities. 

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I’ve Learned Something from Each Guest

Each podcast guest I’ve interviewed has provided so much knowledge and inspiration to me and will impact listeners, no matter their leadership experience. 

During each episode, I have a conversation with my guests to understand their leadership journey and talk about the lessons they’ve learned along the way. There is so much to learn!

Lessons From My First Episode Guests

  • Episode 001 – Dr. Terrance Bridges shared his educational journey from a remedial learner list to earning an inaugural Gates Scholarship (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) and earning several doctoral degrees. We also talk about mentoring and some early lessons in community service and leadership. 
  • Episode 002 – Renee Hribar (pronounced Ree-Bar) is a powerful force both on the air and in the world of sales. She loves sales and has a unique way of teaching others to embrace sales and be successful. Renee is insightful and entertaining, and this episode simply isn’t long enough!
  • Episode 003 – Jen Myers stumbled into homeschooling and found a passion for helping other entrepreneurs run successful businesses while homeschooling their kids. Whether or not you have kids or want to be an entrepreneur, the Homeschool CEO, Jen Myers, has an incredible story to share with every listener. 
  • Episode 004 – Jeff “The Car Guy” Daniels has worked every job in the automobile sales business, from washing cars to corporate marketing. As the leader of an automobile group, Jeff brings a unique perspective on leadership. He shares his experiences in re-defining community engagement and leading through a crisis with “mature confidence.”
  • Episode 005 – Patrick Hughes is a well-researched and intellectual thinker regarding organizational development and leadership. In this episode, we explore foundational lessons every leader should know and Patrick shares lessons he’s learned along the way in facilitating groups of all types. 
  • Episode 006 – Dr. Laura O’Hara has dedicated her career to teaching and researching communication at the university. We talked about her early work in community engagement, her passion for intercultural communications, and her current research (that surprised even her). This episode is a must-listen as we discuss all things communication. She tells it like it is, and I’m here for it!

More to Follow!

These are just short examples, but there are little nuggets of information from my conversations with these gifted leaders in each episode. I have a line-up of even more incredible guests, and I can’t wait to share them. Each interview has given me more confidence and is even helping me grow as a leader. 

Can You Do Me a Favor?

After you’ve had a chance to listen to these episodes, can you hit reply and tell me one of your favorite takeaways? What did you hear that spoke to you or had an impression on you? Not only will your response help me plan for future interviews, but I’d also love to share it with my guest.