Episode 003 – Jen Myers talks about becoming a Homeschool CEO

Show Notes:

Episode Guest: Jen Myers

Episode Notes: Jen shares with us how she stumbled her way into homeschooling and went on to build an entire business around helping other families thrive as successful CEOs while homeschooling their children. Renee shares her passion and expertise in sales.

Jen Myers is a business coach and expert at blending 18 years of entrepreneurial experience with an equal amount of time spent homeschooling. By applying CEO principles and strategies to every aspect of her life, Jen found success in family, homeschooling, and business. She has grown four businesses past six figures (all the while homeschooling four radically different kiddos), successfully launched three of her four kids into adulthood, and now leads the global Homeschool CEO Community. Jen uses humor and real-life experiences to encourage and inspire moms around the world to chase their dreams.

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