I finally took the time to watch Bird Box movie today. I don’t know where this movie came from or how it gained such notoriety so quickly, but with all of the attention, I just had to watch it. I’m very quick to add a disclaimer…this is not meant to be a review. There are tons of people out there that do a good job (some not so much) at reviewing movies.

From the very first scene, this movie was intense and suspenseful. I usually don’t watch horror or suspense films. Overall it was a good movie and I’m glad I watched it. However, I couldn’t help but draw some parallels to the challenges we face in navigating real life. Here are six lessons I took away from watching the movie. I tried not to give away the plot, so these may seem a little vague if you haven’t seen it yet. Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

  1. Being blind TO the world prevents being blinded BY the world. Filtering all of the crap the world throws at you prevents the confusion, stress, and danger that comes with it.
  1. Set clear expectations! As we saw in the very first scene, it is important to be very clear about what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and why it needs to be done. A lot of times we are afraid to commit, afraid to set goals and afraid to look ahead…but we are really cheating our path to success.
  1. The rapids (rough waters) don’t have to destroy us. Even though we know the waters are rough ahead, we don’t have to see or know exactly what will challenge us in order to survive it. As we stay focused on our goal and trust our selves, we will make it through.
  1. Trust your gut! Timeless, but reliable truth. When people enter our lives that rub us the wrong way, trust that. The world tells us to trust everyone and give everyone a chance. While that may be true, that doesn’t mean you have to let them into your home and drop your guard. Trust your instinct and keep them at a distance.
  1. Ignore the fake voices. The world will try to use our thoughts, our words, and fears against us. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let all of the craziness around you intimidate you or force you to make hasty and bad decisions. Tune out all of the noise and listen for clarity.
  1. Don’t take everything too seriously. Sometimes story-time is exactly what you need to make it through the day. Sometimes we need to step back and enjoy the day, inspire ourselves, pamper ourselves and use the time to reset and refocus.

I’m sure there are plenty more life lessons we can take from this movie. Feel free to share. I’d love to hear!

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