A few years ago I forced myself to sit and write out the values that are most important in my life.

This list of values are very personal to me. They aren’t just words; they’re the backbone of my choices and a compass guiding my decisions and actions. They keep me true to myself, help me be a positive force in the world around me.

It took a lot of hard knocks and low points in my life to get serious about my values. Just because values are written out, doesn’t mean challenges don’t exist. Every day life brings new opportunities for success and failure.

When I stay focused on these values…success wins everytime.

1. Be on time and work hard.
2. Be honest and transparent.
3. Be direct but approachable.
4. Make decisions you can be proud of.
5. Be frugal, it pays off.
6. Always remember who you serve.
7. Know when to lead and when to follow.
8. Always mentor someone and be mentored.
9. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
10. Do your part to help others.

These values drive me. They motivate me, encourage me, fuel me, and help me find confidence and appreciation in the world.